About Us

Furniture Environments provides turnkey furniture solutions from preliminary planning, specifying, ordering throughout delivery and installation. With many options of new & used furniture we can provide virtually any client with a viable solution to their short or long term need for furniture. Our focus is on “green” products and sustainable solutions that maintain the most efficient workspace designs while keeping up to date with the latest industry trends.

Our success is 100% derived from Executive based referrals. These are individuals who understand that we demand the utmost professionalism from ourselves and our contractors when delivering our products and solutions to our customers. Whether we are assisting architects, designers, commercial real-estate brokers or working directly with clients, we never lose sight of whats most important to them. When Furniture Environments was established in 2010, we had the opportunity to deliver upon this promise with an ethical focus that best suited the clients needs while eliminating the typical “Manufacturer’s Bias” that has plagued our industry. Where most sales people waste too much time talking and have a difficult time listening. They are trying to sell their ideas to their clients, instead of consult them. By asking the basic who,what,where,when and how… you can focus on what the client needs, at the time they need it and at the price they expect to pay. If you build the foundation of a client relationship with honesty, one can always cross that bridge.